Home Renovation Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning

No renovations are the same but the process of planning a home renovation is pretty universal.

When having a home renovation, you’ll need to speak to different experts and professionals as you go on to different stages. Always make sure that these professionals are insured and qualified. Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations from their previous clients.

You may only want to do some of these steps if you are only planning for a minor renovation (like updating the kitchen or an outdoor pergola)

Here are the steps involved in planning for a typical home renovation

Assess your current home

You need to write down the good and bad features of your home. It is advised to have an engineer or builder to help you identify any major structural issues.

Write your renovation wish list

Identify all the things you want to achieve and prioritize your list – from functional, structural and styling perspectives.

Get advice on building requirements

You’ll need to comply with some building laws when making changes to your home. Make sure to check these early on so you know what you can and can’t do. You can ask your local council’s planning officers for some information about these things to know the processes you may need to follow.

Enlist an architect or engineer

You may need professionals like architects, designers and draftspeople if you are planning for a major renovation. Look for professionals who are qualified and well experienced.

Employ a builder

Make sure to get multiple builders and find a builder that you can trust. If the builder is also your project manager then it’s up to them to get electricians, plumbers and other tradies.

Obtaining permits

There will be different permit requirements relating to building in each state and territory. Ask your local council for more information about this. Make sure to get your advice well in advance in order to avoid delays.

Secure your finances

Don’t forget to do some research to ensure you finance the project in the most cost-effective way.

Decide whether to live-in during the renovation

You may need to move out during the renovation depending on the area covered by your project. Plan for it early do you’re ready if you need to move out.

Pay attention to detail

Remember that you are the boss. Always speak up of your concerns or worries. Don’t forget that other things like landscaping and ‘kerbside appeal’ are important factors and should be planned out from the beginning. You can consult a landscape expert if you think you need major work in your garden.

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